In the Spring of 2008 I started a blog to explore some of my questions about Mormonism. It was called The Contrarian Mormon.

I was already somewhat outside of the mainstream, focusing on the earlier church presidents to get back to some pure version of my religion, and I was determined to follow their often disregarded teachings. But on a personal level I was quite liberal in my acceptance of others and in my desire for everyone to be treated fairly.

My first challenges began with seeing the conflict between the teachings of Jesus towards the poor compared to Mormons love of wealth and material success, and (with daughters who were entering their teens) my concerns extended to the way women were treated by the religion. Initially these issues were still just questions I hoped to find the answers too and reconcile with my faith.

However, as my mind opened I began to look more closely into the origins of LDS beliefs, and that ultimately led to this web page and my journey out of Mormonism.

After just over a year of sharing some of the reasons and research as to why I left I took a break from this outlet for my thoughts to focus on building a new life and discovering a world beyond Mormonism. But I have never ceased to have an interest in the religion I was part of for over two decades, and so I am again going to be posting my perspective and studies for any who might be interested.