If the church is a hospital for sinners then what is excommunication? Is it someone saying –

  • You are too sick to be admitted – keep out of our hospital ward!
  • We are putting you into a contagious disease unit (solitary confinement) so you don’t infect others!
  • You don’t have the necessary health insurance (right type of doubts or sins) to be able to use this hospital!
  • We obvious don’t meet your needs – why don’t you just start your own hospital!
  • Our sickness is better than your sickness – when your sickness resembles ours please come back!
  • What sickness? There is no sickness here! A hospital? No we are just a social club – you are mistaken about our purpose!

This is one of the problems with the recent excommunication of Kate Kelly: If she was wrong – how would cutting her off really help her?