A recently leaked LDS Europe Area Presidency report gives an interesting insight into the ‘growth’ of the Church in Europe.

It seems there are less than 50,000 active adult members in all of Europe – including Russia (48,668 temple recommend holders), and a total attendance of 100,000.  That is out of half a million claimed members (an inactivity rate of 80%).

On average only 7000 people join the church per year, and during a 3 year period (2009-12), only 28651 people were baptized, but church attendance only went up 1129 people.  That means the church lost 96% of those gains (through a combination of low retention of converts and existing members).

There were once 3 sets of presidencies to cover this area, now there is one, many missions have been consolidated too due to lack of success.  On average each missionary now baptizes half a person (whether its the top or bottom half it doesn’t say).

The Area Presidencie’s goal is to double Sacrament Meeting attendance in 1 year, although in four years it has only increased 6% and convert baptisms are not increasing proportionately to the number of missionaries (Wouldn’t this require each missionary baptizing over 70 people – given the inactivity rate?).

As an interesting addendum, although growth was stagnant in many areas, one county, Cornwall, saw a drop in membership.  In this county a Bishop resigned his membership and sent a letter to his congregation.