Lack of Charity Spending

The LDS Church spends the least of any similarly sized organization – including for-profit corporations – on humanitarian aid. However it owns more for-profit enterprises than any other ‘charitable’ institutions – including a multi-billion dollar mall.

The High Rates of Depression & Suicide

Utah has the highest rate of male teen suicides in the nation & Utah leads the nation in most prescriptions fill for antidepressants. (Deseret News, Oct. 21, 2011 & Salt Lake Tribune, Nov 23, 1998-A9)

The High Rates of Fraud & Bankruptcy

Utah has the highest rate of personal bankruptcy in the nation, and the highest rate of foreclosure. (October 30, 2001, USA Today & Deseret News, March 19, 2008.)

The Lacks of Rights and Respect Given To Women

Utah is considered the second worse state for women economically & has one of the highest domestic violence rates. (Salt lake Tribune, Feb 17, 2004.) Utah is also the #1 US Internet Porn state. (Deseret News, March 3, 2009) Unsurprisingly its also one of the highest in its incidents of rape. (Salt Lake Tribune, 7/12/03)