I’d always thought women were treated unfairly in Mormon Fundamentalism, even in mainstream Mormonism, and in patriarchal forms of Christianity. But I started writing down a list and realized the extent of it:

1. Women are blamed for the impure thoughts of men (even for bringing sin into the world).
2. Women are interviewed privately by men about intimate subjects.
3. Women are told they have a say but they can’t make a decision for themselves.
4. Women cannot even attend most meetings in which issues that affect them are decided.
5. Women must worship a male God, and his female counterpart or side is deemed too sacred or blasphemous to speak about.
Mormon specific
6. Women cannot be saved without men (What if a woman feels complete without a man?).
7. Women must promise to obey a man as their God.
8. Women cannot receive revelation for their family (unless they have no husband or he is considered completely unworthy).
9. Women can be excommunicated by a one man (it takes 15 men to excommunicate a man).
10. Women’s earnings are often subject to their husbands discretion.

This seems to lead to women being devalued by men, women devaluing themselves, children looking down on their mothers, and abuse being more easily excused or taken less seriously.