On the 28th of November 2010 Church historians Marlin Jensen & Richard Turley met with members of the LDS Church in Stockholm, Sweden.  The members had some serious questions for the LDS Church’s best defenders, but received what someone aptly commented were “36 pages of excuses”.

Most of the answers fell into the following areas –

1-It’s too complicated to fully answer now. Sit tight and there will be more answers in the future.
2-We know its true even though it looks like it isn’t. We have to think of it in a different context. (Usually the context of an irrational pedophile).
3-The church has no official position on that.
4-We really don’t know we just have to remember that it is true and ignore sticky details.

Subsequently to the meeting some members were met with and asked whether they wanted to resign.

Below is the full transcript in Acrobat (PDF) format –

Stockholm Transcript