Today I saw a news report on how Scientologists in Portland had Photoshopped a crowd to make it appear as if they had more people attending an event.  Surely the Mormon church would never stoop so low?

Who would clip an angel’s wings, or give them shoulder pads?


The image on the left is “The Resurrection” (1873) by Carl Heinrich Bloch. What a beautiful painting.  On the right is the image as it appeared on page 54 of the Ensign (the Mormon church’s monthly magazine) in December 2011.

Even little girls in dresses can be too immodest it seems:

original altered

(Taken from the Primary website manual)

Brigham Young’s daughters didn’t mind showing a little shoulder:


I wish I could find a copy of a photo of Howard W. Hunter’s mysterious ‘hand’ at the Bountiful temple groundbreaking – Hunter was too infirm to use a trowel himself, but the photo gives the impression he was able to.

Brigham Young’s Free-masonry is somewhat of an embarrassment to the modern LDS Church, and so some have seen the need to airbrush the masonic symbol he wore out of history:


In the book “Brigham Young – [Photoshopped] Images of A Mormon Prophet” such symbols are removed from several photos.

However, the LDS Church is happy to put things into pictures that wasn’t there before:



Jesus magically appeared in the Ensign version!

I wonder how long it will be before images of Jesus change too: